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Expand & Plant Premium Organic Coir Sheets

  • 1999
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Another WONDER SOIL Wonder, WONDER SOIL's Organic Soil Sheets are made with all of the same ingredients as the Organic Cube, but in sheet-form for easier expansion and storage. They include worm castings, humate, rock minerals, calcium, organic fertilizer, kelp, and mycorrhizae. Organic Soil Sheets are pathogen-free and promote better aeration and stronger root systems. The 5 lbs. of sheets expand in minutes to 1 cu. ft. when hydrated, or 10 lbs of sheets will expand to 2 cu ft. Organic Soil Sheets can be used in any gardening application. Guaranteed low salts. Free Shipping when you order 24 sheets.


  • Completely organic and biodegradable
  • 5 lbs or 4 sheets will expands to 1 cu. ft.
  • 10 lbs or 8 sheets will expand to 2 cu. ft.
  • 30 lbs or 24 sheets will expand to 6 cu. ft.
  • Easier and faster expansion
  • Includes worm castings, mycorrhizae and more
  • Choose 5 lbs (4 sheets), 10 lbs (8 sheets) , or 30 lbs (24 sheets)
  • Sheets can be expanded as needed


Coconut Coir, Worm Castings, Humus, Zeolite, Mycorrhizae, Kelp, Azomite,  Dolomite, Gypsum, Converge (Calicum Silicate, Magnesium, Silicon) and Nutrients 9-3-7. 

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